When Karoun Charkoudian opened her yoga studio in 2009, it quickly became “the” place in the area to practice yoga. Her initial small studio had low expenses, but demand warranted expansion to a larger, but more expensive location. Karoun Yoga offered several classes each day, with six or seven teachers, but Charkoudian says the business was “drowning in expenses.” 

When Charkoudian started looking for a happy medium to grow her business without that drowning feeling, she found SCORE mentor Len Gendron. 

My successes. 

Gendron helped Charkoudian refine her QuickBooks skills to help her see the big picture for her small business. “I’m in a transition period and am much more sustainable,” she says. As the downtown Springfield evolves, Charkoudian will serve as a consultant to several local shops serving similar clients to her yoga students.

How SCORE helped. 

“Len was the first person I felt comfortable showing all the facts to,” Charkoudian admits. “He was really able to look at my numbers without judgement. My friends and family were supportive, but I didn’t feel comfortable sharing everything with them.” Gendron was impressed with her progress to that point, and provided tips for getting to the next level.

Charkoudian also attended workshops about legal issues and to learn Google Adwords strategies. “For most of the past couple of years I have met with Len twice a month,” Charkoudian reports. “Now we’re moving towards once a month."

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