You might think that Amazon and big box stores have pushed small businesses out of consumers’ minds, but that is not the case. Most Americans still frequent their local small businesses.

SCORE’s latest infographic, sponsored by Nav, examines the popularity of small businesses across the country.

Americans still patronize small businesses (companies with fewer than 500 employees)

  • 91% of Americans shop at a small business at least once a week
  • 47% frequent small businesses 2-4 times weekly
  • 17% more than 4 times a week

Local Shoppers’ Favorite Destinations:

  • Independently-owned bakeries (40%)
  • Clothing, accessory and shoe stores (40%)
  • Restaurants, bars and pubs (37%)
  • Bookstores (32%)
  • Gift, novelty and souvenir stores (30%)

Small businesses keep money in the community

  • For every $1 you spend at a small business:
    • 67 cents stays in the local community
      • 44 cents goes to the small business owner and employees wages and benefits
      • 23 cents gets reinvested in other local businesses
  • And that $1 creates an additional 50 cents of local economic impact
    • 30 cents is spent by the small business owner on local vendors
    • 20 cents is spent by the owner and employees locally

Americans love Small Business Saturday

  • 97% of consumers said Small Business Saturday has had a positive impact on their community
  • 80% plan to shop at independently-owned retailers or restaurants that day
  • 59% plan to shop from small businesses even online

Support Your Local Small Businesses

  • November: National Entrepreneur Month
  • November 30, 2019: Small Business Saturday

Work with a SCORE mentor to help prepare your small business for these events and year-round.

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Infographic: How Do Americans Support Small Businesses?

Infographic: How Do Americans Support Small Businesses?