Shifting Shopping Trends Provide New Opportunities For Small Business Owners


Knowing how customers are shopping can help business owners to pivot and thrive

Consumers said their top priorities were:

  • Affordability- 32%
  • Health- 25%
  • Planet- 16%
  • Society- 15%

Customers are more willing to try new brands

  • 73% of customers have tried a new shopping behavior
  • 34% have tried a new shopping method (like curbside pickup)
  • 33% have tried a different brand
  • 29% have tried a different store or website
  • 26% have tried a different label
  • 22% have tried a new digital shopping method

Many industries have seen online sales growth

  • Skincare and makeup has seen an 81% growth
  • Jewelry has seen a 97% growth
  • Food and takeout have seen a 96% growth
  • Groceries has seen an 81% growth

Community matters to shoppers

Over 20% of shoppers plan to shop locally over the holidays or indicate that social justice causes, like Black Lives Matter, will impact which businesses receive their patronage this holiday season.