Writing a Winning Business Plan September 3, 2020
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A business plan is a tool for thinking more clearly about your business idea. It helps you stay organized and on track, gain a better understanding of your market, confirm that your financial model is realistic, and create a long term vision and strategy. We will introduce you to the essential elements for preparing a plan for business success. This workshop will provide general and individual guidance for preparing a business plan utilizing essential elements. Your presenter will identify content and format for a business plan--including sources of information to aid in the development of your business plan. You should understand that a business plan is a valuable internal tool, even when not required for the benefit of investors or loan officers. A business plan may force you to think about your idea in new ways and to question the validity of your product/service target markets. It can serve as a guide or benchmark to allow you to track your progress and to stay committed to your long-term goals. If you have partners, it can help avoid misunderstandings. It will help you to better describe and to speak more concisely about your company. All these elements of a business plan can contribute to successful implementation of your business idea.

The presenters are Ted Windecker and Phil Storin. Ted is a SCORE volunteer. He has always worked for small, technology companies and startups since graduating from the University of Texas with a B.S. in Engineering Science. A serial entrepreneur, he brings to this workshop his real-world experience in writing and presenting numerous business plans, some successful, some not. Phil is also a SCORE volunteer and mentor who worked in various accounting and financial roles over a 40-year career and held positions including corporate controller and chief financial officer for both publicly traded and privately held companies.  

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Writing a Winning Business Plan