Everything You Need to Know About Google My Business June 15, 2020
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 In this comprehensive workshop, you will learn how to claim and optimize your Google My Business listing. This will include how to add rich content and generate reviews for greater engagement with your potential customers. We'll also show you how to understand the analytics generated and what it means to the success of your overall strategy.

     Speaker: Jon Bean : With over 9 years of online marketing experience, Jon is very knowledgeable about how to leverage the internet and social media to improve how your business shows up online to attract more customers. He will also share successful strategies to gain more consumer reviews and best practices on how to respond, even if they are not all positive. As a Sales Area Leader for Revlocal, Jon is appreciative of the opportunity he has every day to be able to connect with local businesses and not only offer them the services of RevLocal but, in turn, create relationships within his community as well.

To view the webinar go to:  https://score.zoom.us/rec/play/7J0uJOj6qj83G9XBsASDC6J6W47vfausgyAW8_FczhnjWnZQZFX1MrAXZ7BVUMJAbBYlPSCQL31CRTVg


Everything You Need to Know About Google My Business