Creative Behavior Solutions, LLC

My Mentors

Business partners Adrianne Smith and Brit Harger knew their considerable experience with Applied Behavior Analysis could benefit their community. Guided by a philosophy that every child has the right to learn, Smith and Harger built a company that improves the social, academic, and life skills of their young clients.

Creative Behavior Solutions works with toddlers, adolescents, and teens. They are multifaceted in their approach, with a staff that is willing to work with people on-site at their offices, at home, in schools, or in the community.

My Successes: 

Creative Behavior Solutions began in 2013 with the concept of serving people with developmental disabilities. That dream has not only been actualized - it has in fact expanded. Smith and Harger have 20 employees and have been able to double their business each year. They also have been named finalists in the 2018 American Small Business Championship. 

Their greatest success, though, has been seeing children make strides and realizing that “even the smallest achievements can lead to life-changing moments.”

How SCORE Helped: 

Although Smith and Harger have extensive expertise in their field, they needed guidance when it came to running a business. Their SCORE mentors, Mats Bengston and Keith Knowles, helped them secure a line of credit and open their facility.

Smith and Harger also continue to take advantage of many SCORE resources by taking courses and working with SCORE’s networking groups.

Their mentors also relayed the importance of work-life balance and urged Smith and Harger to find a way to be actively engaged in their business without burning out. “Set boundaries for yourself,” Smith and Harger advise. “Take breaks when you need them and set time aside for the important things in your life. Have courage and be proud of yourself and your dream, because what you are about to do is absolutely worth it.”